Joining the ranks of 22 state affiliates, such as Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas and Michigan, Missouri has been officially recognized as a statewide partner of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR).   NARR affiliates give both stakeholders and consumers assurance that someone is ensuring that recovery residences in Missouri are safe, clean and supportive environments to support the recovery process.

The Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers (MCRSP) has adopted a set of standards and established an accreditation process in coordination with NARR that recognizes those recovery homes that meet and adhere to these standards in Missouri.

The MCRSP Recovery Housing Standards accreditation process helps to increase the quality, respect and recognition of recovery homes in Missouri through accountability and legitimacy. Each accredited facility is reviewed by a team of peer reviewers who assess the facility and ensure it meets the standard of care.

Several member agencies of the Kansas City Recovery Coalition have already had their recovery homes accredited.  We stand ready to assist others in our area to attain it as well by providing technical assistance and other types of support.

Learn more about the MCRSP/NARR accreditation process.